Moving Down That Old, Proud Highway

proud highway media group logo small

A lot has been going on for me behind the scenes these past few months. Since returning from the glacial wastes of America’s Siberia, I’ve been marshalling my forces toward a goal long held by this humble reporter. I’ve always wanted my own publication. Much as I’ve toiled for others, I did so with the knowledge that one day I would do this for myself. That day has arrived.

Today, I launched Proud Highway Media Group’s official website. And in the next couple weeks we’ll be relaunching, with me as executive editor and my partner in crime business, Kevin Sullivan, as managing editor. Here’s a little preview of what it’s going to look like. I’m excited.

I’ve also been kept quite busy and away from these humble bloggings by another project, made possible by my work with Climate Reality. It’s a Houston-based tech startup called Hydrogen-XT, and I think we have invented something that could change the world. You could say I’m applying my expertise in various way to help out. We did this recently, for instance. And more to follow soon.

So, it’s been a busy time for me, being back in Texas, but a good time nonetheless. Sorry to anyone who was eagerly awaiting more muckraking on this long-abandoned vessel, but it looks like my byline will be much more frequently found on in the near future. Thanks for checking in, anyhow.



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