The New World Order (TM)

I tend to laugh when people talk about “The New World Order” agenda.

Suddenly, half my readers take a deep breath.

The prepackaged fable of this whole ultra-powerful cabal allegedly made up of every big, bad boogyman stereotype the mind can conjure seems to me a stunning mis-characterization. It’s as if it were just another manufactured fairy tale: another link in the chain around the elephant’s leg.

You’ve probably heard that analogy: the elephant that’s been chained down since it was born and now, as an adult, it thinks it cannot break free so it never tries anymore.

That’s how I look at the truly progressive movements in America today: a powerful beast that’s been made docile by a chain that’s much weaker than it believes.

This “New World Order” — or as I’d describe it with a bit more nuance, the further alignment of transnational, non-democratic controls over the institutions of currency and global trade — is of course real and the cogs have been turning for generations.

You could even say that globalism is something hard-coded in the genes of this empire of thought we call America.

This nation created the Internet and helped spread it the world over. We brought the world the automobile and a commercial airline industry. Ours is a society that cannot function without systems of coercion on a scale humanity has never before seen.

Globalism is unavoidable in an age when a man can travel from one side of the planet to the other in a day.

But it doesn’t have to organize like this, with the wealth of America’s treasured middle class being ripped out from under her and scattered across the continents where workers of all race, ethnicity and creed see declining wages, poor working conditions and little to no care for their health.

The problem here is that the great progressive movements of America have not grown in tandem with the small league of globalists at the core of the money swirl that is this world’s ever-tightening economies.

This is why I’ve become convinced, if progressives are serious about effecting real change in American society or anywhere on this earth, they must start thinking globally and — you knew this was coming — act locally.

Why does money work? Because you and all your neighbors allow it to. And here’s the thing: I’m willing to bet you don’t know all your neighbors.

There’s a good chance that most of the people reading this are, during most of their days, surrounded on all sides by strangers. Every day you wake up and walk from one box to another box, step on a box to propell your box past rows of boxes, arrive at work only to sit in an even smaller box while staring at a box and clicking even smaller boxes on an electronic box that makes letters made of tiny boxes appear on the box you’re staring at clicking boxes until it’s time to retire to your box.

And every day, the same dream.

No. This is why your shit is fucked up. This is why your community is dysfunctional. This is why your government is dysfunctional. This is why true social justice movements fail. This is why most Americans don’t even vote. They’re not engaged. They don’t know the people around them. They’ve lost all sense of community.

And for fuck’s sake, a Central Intelligence Agency thinktank outright said that apathy is the only reason they can do things like torture captives, execute American citizens and run “black sites” at unknown locations all over the globe.

And that’s just … a drop in the bucket. Much greater evils are perpetrated every day and we never hear about them. People live and die and nobody seems to notice anymore, without the ticket of fame or mass quantities of currency.

If communities, neighbors, people whose political interests really are quite similar, were to pull together, come closer and actually talk as civil people, things would begin to change. More Americans would be engaged. Progressives would be able to begin forming stronger bonds of friendship with worker and labor movements around the world. At the end of the tunnel, a real organizational structure could emerge, represented in many corners of the earth, that stands to ensure the people are treated fairly.

I honestly don’t know how this organization would work with the institutions of currency as they are. I like to think of open-source software development as a good model for political or social movements, but it depends on the goodwill and expertise of a large and engaged community. Perhaps that’s possible today. Stephen Colbert’s charity web site Donors Choose is a good example of a forward-thinking, progressive idea that utilizes crowdsourcing to meet the needs of teachers across America. I look forward to seeing greater developments like this on the Internet.

So you dread “The New World Order”? Wake the fuck up. Every second of every day is a new world order. A man cannot step into the same stream twice. Stop living in fear of this vague series of organizations and get involved. Get educated. Get with your community. Become the change you want to see.

The only way the powerful will ever truly care about human rights is if we, the masses, dismantle the systems of mental and emotional control — but first we must rediscover our bonds of friendship.

A tiny chain fashioned by a tiny band of tiny men with loud whips and scary costumes cannot hold the elephant down forever.

I can’t help but shake my head and laugh at anyone who thinks otherwise.


One thought on “The New World Order (TM)

  1. I’m right there with you brother.
    I broke myself off and decoupled from the conspiracy scene not too long ago… I’ve got to say that the Matrix phrase ‘take the red pill’ is used a lot with individuals involved in the ‘truther’ movements. Little do they know that the ‘red pill’ is actually a re-dyed ‘blue pill’ which cast them into a dream-like state for an undetermined amount of time. While most of their intentions might seem right, they are extremely misguided by mass quantities of disinfo causing mass quantities of paranoia and distrust amongst almost anyone they encounter.
    Community, music and love can bring about more powerful and meaningful change than bullets, IEDs and fire.
    I’ll use a truther phrase to counter the truther’s messages: “Wake up.”
    It’s hard to tell you’re in a dream until you get a jolt from reality telling you that you’ve been living a lie.

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