National News, Oct. 1, 2010

CALIFORNIA: Gov. Schwarznegger signs bill decriminalizing marijuana possession (by Patrick McGreevy, The Los Angeles Times)

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Sen. Leahy’s bill would permit censorship of Web sites with ‘no demonstrable, commercially significant purpose’ (by Mike Masnick, Tech Dirt)

DOMESTIC POLICY: A decade of federally funded abstinence-only sex education comes to an end (Associated Press)

MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: Mercenary group formerly known as Blackwater gets piece of a $10 billion State Dept. contract (by Spencer Ackerman, Wired)

FOREIGN POLICY: US to apologize for STD experiments on Guatamalans some 60 years ago (RAW STORY)

POLITICS: Fox News parent company gives $1 million to Republican-leaning business lobby (by Ben Smith, Politico)

BUSINESS: United Airlines, Continental complete merger, valued at $3.2 billion (by Mark Hardin, The Orlando Business Journal)

TEXAS: Four suicides at Fort Hood stun local residents (by Ann Gerhart, The Washington Post)

GULF COAST: Scientist finds high levels of cancer-causing carcinogens in Gulf of Mexico (by Kate Sheppard, Mother Jones)

TELEVISION: Bill O’Reilly ‘took a beating’ during Fox News interview with Bill Maher (by John Easley, PoliticsUSA)

NUTS: GOP mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh talks new ‘civil war’ (Media Matters)

FUNNY: Leaving as Obama’s top aide, teary-eyed Rahm given a dead fish (by Jake Tapper, ABC News)

SCARY: US intelligence sources suspect Osama bin Laden played role in foiled Europe terror plot (CBS News/Associated Press)


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