Global Affairs, Oct. 1, 2010

PAKISTAN: Former military dictator Pervez Musharraf seeks return to power with ‘clean slate’ (The Times of India)

ECUADOR: President Correa vows to fight rebels after military rescues him from police ‘coup attempt’ (by Rory Carroll, The Guardian)

BRAZIL: Former guerrilla fighter Dilma Roussef to become world’s most powerful woman as Brazil’s president (by Hugh O’Shaughnessy, The Independent)

EUROPE: Right-wing populist parties grow amid fears of Muslims, discontent with status quo (Der Spiegel)

RUSSIA: Moscow calls for new defense agency to mirror America’s DARPA program (by Olga Razumovskaya, The St. Petersburgh Times)

IRELAND: Government’s planned bank bailouts sets of economic fears in Europe (by Anthony Faiola, The Washington Post)

FRANCE: 7.8 million struggle as national poverty rate hits 13 percent (The Connexion)

PALESTINE: Mentally-ill women given hysterectomies, to prevent family ’embarrassment’ (by Ali Waked, Y-Net)

ISRAEL: Tel Aviv orders deportation of Irish Nobel Laureate who sailed on Gaza freedom flotilla (by Jack Khoury, Haaretz)

AFRICA: Report outlines 10 years of atrocities committed by Democratic Republic of Congo ‘state and non-state actors’ (press release, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)

MEXICO: American tourist gunned down by pirates on Mexican lake (Associated Press)

FUNNY: European Union court gives Spanish fathers the right to breastfeeding leaves from work (CNN)

GOOD: American software publisher Electronic Arts scraps upcoming game’s ‘play as the Taliban’ feature (by Stephen Totilo, Kotaku)


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