National News, Sept. 30, 2010

CALIFORNIA: Republican candidate for governor lied about hiring illegal immigrant (by Carla Marinucci, San Francisco Chronicle)

PENNSYLVANIA: Judge in Intercourse, Pa. handed out condoms in acorns at state capitol (Associated Press)

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Rahm leaving White House on Friday, to be replaced by Pete Rouse (by Michael D. Shear and Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times)

NEW YORK: Candidate for governor threatened to ‘take out’ reporter (by Michael Caderone, The Upshot)

FOREIGN POLICY: US kills British national in drone airstrike (by Richard-Norton Taylor, The Guardian)

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Holocaust museum had senior White House official in his sights (Raw Story)

POLITICS: Democrats bargain with GOP, agree to block Obama’s recess appointments (by Alexander Bolton, The Hill)

ANALYSIS: US blacklists Iranian torturers while American offenders remain unpunished (by Glenn Greenwald, Salon)


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