Global Affairs, Sept. 30, 2010

ECUADOR: Police, military go on strike, President claims attempted coup d’état (By Mercedes Alavaro and Robert Kozak, The Wall Street Journal)

AFRICA: UN report to accuse Rwanda Army of DRC massacres (Radio France Internationale)

RUSSIA: Private company plans space hotel to greet tourists (Associated Press)

BRITAIN: British scientists prove ADHD is ‘passed on through the genes’ (by Huw Borland, Sky News)

IRAN: Iranian youth resistance mirrored in music underground (by Airis Mehregan, PBS FRONTLINE)

AFGHANISTAN: World’s largest poppy crop down by 48% this year thanks to plant disease (Al Jazeera)

PAKISTAN: Army closes border crossing after NATO helicopter kills three soldiers (by Alex Rodriguez and Laura King, Los Angeles Times)

CHINA: ‘Stuxnet’ infrastructure cyber-worm spreading rapidly across country (Agence France-Presse)


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