An Example of Highly Effective Protesting

Attention everyone, attention everyone: Every-thing is okay.

Do not attempt to go outside of your homes or interact with your neighbors.

Do not attempt to build a sense of community.

Your safety is our only concern.

Repeat: your safety is our only concern.

Continue watching your televisions and excuse our momentary interruption.

This is just a test.

Please watch the following montage and continue consuming as normal …

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‘Brave New Hooks’ Lives On

True/Slant and I may have separated, but Brave New Hooks lives on.

I hope you like the look of the place — I’m certainly excited about it. I’ve even decided to keep my little home on the Web completely ad-free. I hope you’ll find it worth supporting through donations.

If you’re so inclined, I can be kept up with via Twitter and Facebook.

So, yes — as always, thanks for reading!


–Stephen C. Webster

Retired Top Cops Slam Arguments Against Legalizing Pot


This fall, California will consider repealing marijuana prohibition by way of a voter-sponsored ballot initiative called Proposition 19. If passed, it would stand as a direct affront to federal law, representing the most significant change in a state’s drug policy since cannabis was first outlawed in 1937.

Though marijuana legalization is largely a liberal and progressive cause célèbre, it may be fair to say that the state’s elected Democrats aren’t exactly cuckoo for these coco-puffs.

Prominent California Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein has declared her opposition to Prop. 19, signing a ballot argument against legalization put forward by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Sen. Barbara Boxer and Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown were quick to adopt Feinstein’s position, and the state’s Democratic party, while apparently torn on the issue, officially elected to stay neutral fearing their support could damage state-wide candidates. Continue reading

Activist Filmmaker Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas Capitol

Barry Cooper, preparing for his arrest. Photo by Stephen C. Webster

Update (below): Barry Cooper is free on $1,000 bond; (in comments) authorities not treating him as suspect in capitol bomb threat

Marijuana activist Barry Cooper turned himself in to authorities Friday morning … and he did it with an expected showman’s flare.

I was notified of his plans last night, but didn’t think he’d actually go this far. Continue reading