Moving Down That Old, Proud Highway

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A lot has been going on for me behind the scenes these past few months. Since returning from the glacial wastes of America’s Siberia, I’ve been marshalling my forces toward a goal long held by this humble reporter. I’ve always wanted my own publication. Much as I’ve toiled for others, I did so with the knowledge that one day I would do this for myself. That day has arrived. Continue reading


SXSW Deaths Show Why Texas Needs Science-Based Drug Laws

The drunk driver who killed two people and injured 23 others last night in downtown Austin deserves what’s coming. It won’t be pretty. Police haven’t released his name, but reporters say the culprit was Rashad Charjuan Owens, 21. For his crimes, he could very well be sentenced to death.

Apart from the Texas-style justice that will inevitably be dispensed, this shocking and horrible event should also trigger a serious discussion about our drug laws, particularly on policies that have been scientifically shown to reduce the rate of drunk driving. Continue reading

Hunter S. Thompson Was So Damned Right It Hurts


It occurred to me the other day that in his final years, Hunter S. Thompson somehow managed to predict America’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, the NSA scandals, the financial crisis, the Arab Spring and the clampdown on journalists that we’ve all watched play out after his death in 2005. Now, I’m obviously biased toward the Good Doctor, or I wouldn’t be writing on a blog named “Gonzo Muckraker,” but hear me out on this one.  Continue reading

Asleep at the Blog

Why hasn’t Webster updated this damn blog since October?

Because Raw Story made me editor, is why.

Now I’m pulling the 8-5, dishing dirt on the world in real time: aka, business hours.

Sadly, I am not the text-churning machine I once aspired to be, now that I’ve realized the importance of having a life, hence updates to this blog were first to go.

Still, I’m sure to have random bursts of thought that aren’t appropriate for Raw’s news format, so this blog will remain online for the time being.

If you dig my work, stop by and read the site sometime or follow me on Twitter. You could also drop by my Facebook, or if you’re feeling really generous just pitch me a few dollars.

Thanks for everything you do. Keep on rocking in the free world. ;O)